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IMMUNOTHERAPY: The future of cancer therapies is here!

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

Immunotherapy is a medical term meaning therapies that target the immune system.

Since not all immunotherapies are created equal; the following is to educate what is available to the public.

Our immune system is our first line of defense against most foreign invaders, including viruses and cancer cells.

When our white blood cells are not healthy enough due to suppression by medications ( steroids, chemotherapy), vitamin D deficiency and poor health; our bodies are not able to mount an attack against these enemy invaders.

Currently, immunotherapy, in mainstream Oncology, is not considered the 'first line of defense'; rather it is placed in the 'last resort category'.

The rationale behind this is to first exhaust all the 'other' standard of care therapies.

Once chemotherapy and radiation are no longer helping the patient become 'disease free'; the oncologist is then given permission to offer Immunotherapy as a potential option. All too often, these patients are a step away from hospice, which is palliative care. They have given the good fight; they are now non-responders and are on their way out. This non-responsiveness to medications goes hand in hand with suppressed immunity. There is very poor white blood cell activity left to mount any immune response.

Integrative Oncologists understand the importance of keeping the immune system intact. This is the rationale behind using nutritional IV's and Immunotherapies.

The obvious question is : " Since chemotherapy. and radiation' suppress the immune system resulting in 'leukopenia' (low white blood cell count), why give it as an end player? Immunotherapy requires a healthy immune system; these powerfully targeted biologicals fair best when the biological terrain has not been devastated by chemotherapy.

Integrative Oncologists understand the importance of "Do No Harm" when practicing medicine. This adage should apply to how modern day Oncologists treat their cancer patients. Instead of using chemotherapy as the first line of defense; consider arming the immune system first and only using chemotherapy as a last resort.

Given this strategy; a cancer patient has at least an intact immune system that is capable of eradicating aberrant cells.

The other huge reason for maintaining an intact immune system is so the cancer patient (already immune suppressed from their tumor) retains the ability to fight viruses, yes, including Covid-19.

Immunotherapy is becoming a bigger player in the field of Oncology.

Some physicians are using it concurrently with chemotherapy as well.

The most powerful, cutting-edge Immunotherapies are utilizing genomics.

By evaluating the cancer patients genome and creating medicine that is personalized for their exact type of cancer, the cancer patient is able to mount a healthier immune response , have a higher quality of life and live longer.

A more holistic approach involves genomic testing, personalized peptides and nutritional support for each patient.

Personalized Medicine for Cancer, Autoimmune disease and Neurodegenerative diseases is here!

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All practitioners are licensed as Tribal practitioners by the First Nation Medical Board.

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