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Vitamin D3 may very well be a strong alternative treatment for Covid-19

Updated: May 14, 2020

Alternative therapies are now being sought after in the fight against SARS Covid-19 virus. Mainstream medicine has very little in its arsenal to beat this nasty contagion.

Vitamin C and ozone, both alternative, are being pulled into hospitals and utilized with success. This is the first time in history, a convergence of allopathic and alternative have been teamed up to confront a pandemic.

Vitamin D3 is now being considered a nutritional candidate in this pandemic for its' ability to combat viruses ; however its' action is not well-known.

The SARS CoV-2 and its relative CoV-1 both use a receptor named Angiotensin Converting Enzyme 2, in order to penetrate the human cell. Once infected, the cell loses its ACE 2 protective and anti-inflammatory effects.

This loss sets up a cascade of negative reactions in the body. Since the body must maintain a healthy balance between Angiotensin Converting Enzyme and ACE 2; any chronic illness, use of ACE inhibitor medications or vitamin D deficiency can create havoc. The tissues where the Renin Angiotensin System are more prevalent are the kidneys, lungs and heart. If there is inflammation; the RAS causes an imbalance in the ACE:ACE2 ratio. In the lungs this can cause serious lung injury. With the loss of ACE2 function due to the SARS CoV-2 infection, the white blood cells (neutrophils) infiltrate the lungs resulting in exaggerated inflammation, injury and hypoxia.

vitamin D is intrinsically connected with the RAS; it normalizes and regulates the ACE proteins. When active vitamin D is available in these tissues, especially in the lungs, the over-reactive inflammatory reaction dissipates. This translates into far fewer deaths because the hypoxia (reason for using ventilators) is greatly reduced.

Vitamin D3 must be used in a therapeutic fashion for this event to occur.

Serum levels well over 60 are a must! If a patients blood level is below 55; we know that VDR activation will not occur. This activation is due to vitamin D saturating the receptors.

If you have not been taking any exogenous D3 in capsule, pill or injectable form; you are most likely deficient. This is no time to worry about over-dosing. It literally takes months to take too much; and then you might get some muscle cramps. If you do not have a holistic practitioner that understands how to dose Vitamin D3, you can go by this scale:

If your weight is 50 pounds or less; take 5,000 units daily at a meal

If your weight is between 50 and 100 pounds; take 10,000 units daily.

If you are immune compromised and have not been taking any D3; start with 10,000 units twice daily with meals. Recheck your blood levels after 8 weeks.

This is only a guideline; it works best when you are being advised by your physician.

Other supplements to consider for prevention and immune boosting during this period are:

VITAMIN C : 1500 twice daily for an average adult. Children 500 -1500 mg daily. May cause loose stools if oral dosage exceeds this.

VITAMIN A : Adult dose : 25,000 units daily ; Children: 10,000 units daily

ZINC : 15-30 mg daily (oral dose).

In summary, take all preventive measures that will keep you from acquiring the virus in the first place. Stay home as much as possible, wash your hands, disinfect and observe the 6 foot distance with most everyone.

Boosting your immunity by nutritional support with key nutrients like vitamin D3 is not meant to replace any safe practices. These immune-supportive nutrients might, however, make the difference between a mild and a life threatening disease.

Dr. Lucinda Mallory CTH

is a licensed provider for the First Nation Medical Board

She is a clinical nutrition researcher


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