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DeMystifying Weightloss in 3 Steps

Stop wandering through weightloss

Confused about which weight-loss program  is BEST for your body?

You certainly should be! There are so many 'so called' experts on cyberspace claiming that their diet is the BEST diet for you.

In truth, your body alone (genes, hormones and biochemistry) only know what foods are the most optimal for weightless and continued maintenance.

Lets keep this simple for now:

Look at your genetics: are mom and/ or dad mostly fat around their middle? (Truncal Obesity). Anyone with hypertension or diabetes? High risk of cardiovascular disease?

You might be dealing with a chromosomal abnormality which codes for hyper-insulinemia. This genetic aberration helped people survive during periods of famine; if you notice, there's little of that these days.

On the contrary, foods abound and there is more gluttony than fasting. Since this gene is still around and expressing itself by secreting too much insulin; if they eat too many carbohydrates (which overstimulate insulin release) then they  store belly  fat for the next famine!! 

This genetic flaw indeed creates a vicious cycle; high insulin causes low blood sugar and we race to the pantry for more carbs!

These women or men who have inherited this genetic dysglycemia (impaired blood sugar) will do best with these following steps:

Step 1: Eat more sparsely

The buzzword these days is "intermittent fasting." This just implies you eat more sparingly throughout the day or in a given amount of time for example eating between 10:00am and 6:00pm or only within a 6 hour window and not eating during the rest of the 24 hour period.

Timing your food intake gives your body time to burn the calories eaten (preferably in the AM during fasted cardio) and a chance to assimilate the nutrients as well.

Step 2: Eating more fats than carbs

Healthy fats

Don't worry about the "F" word: Fat. It's the better half of the two weight gaining culprits, when comparing carbs and fats.

Fats make you feel full! They're like the oil in our car engines, they lube everything up and make us run on clean energy. When consuming very low carbs and high fats, your body is 'fooled' into thinking it's in famine mode. In turn, your insulin levels reduce (yay) and fat burning enzymes get to work burning the fat we don't want (magic)!

Nutrients that support fat burning during a ketogenic diet are: 

-MCT (medium chain triglycerides) : This helps fuel lipolysis. It is used directly by the liver for fuel.

Recommended dose: 1-3 tbsp daily with or without food.

Step 3: Take nutrients that help burn fat

Fat burning supplements

-MCT (medium chain triglycerides): This helps fuel lipolysis- metabolic fat burn. It is used directly by the liver for fuel.

Recommended dose: 1-3 tbsp oil daily with or without food.

- Psyllium husk powder: This is a soluble fiber that helps with providing fiber (very few carbs) to help regulate bowel movements. Suggested dosage: 2 tsp mixed in water daily away from food and other supplements for at least 1 hour.

- Blood Sugar Support: A supplement that is  used to balance out dysglycemia and helps reduce cravings. Suggested dosage: 2 caps twice daily with a meal.

- Pancreatic enzymes for digesting fats (optional)

Start with these steps to get you fueled on a weightloss diet. If you need further consultation, reach out to our health professionals at

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