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There are a variety of substances being researched in regards to curbing the spread of the Corona Virus via the mouth and throat. Since this area is the first to receive the microbial Virion, a serious look at how we can create a simple mouthwash procedure is an extremely viable concept.There are a variety of compounds being looked at that have a reputation of being effective oral disinfectants. A sort of self - first response most anyone can try whenever they feel the need. These substances include ethanol, ethanol and essential oils, Chlorhexidene, Povidone Iodine and Hydrogen Peroxide.

All of the above products have been utilized for their antimicrobial effects.

The most important quality of an oral mouth rinse agent would be its ability to penetrate and disrupt the lipid membrane of the virus; namely the SARS 2- Covid 19 Virion.

Of all these antiseptics, hydrogen Peroxide, may be the most effective and non-invasive substance for reduction of Corona virus.

Let's first discuss the other potential oral agents.

While it is entirely possible to utilize an ethanol/ essential oil product to reduce oral spread; it takes close to 23% strength Ethanol in order to achieve this result. This may very well irritate the oral mucosa.

Chlorhexidine is somewhat effective but requires an ethanol agent to help strengthen its effect.

Povidone- Iodine is highly antimicrobial to both bacteria and viruses. The big downfall are the all to common severe allergic reactions it may induce.

Hydrogen peroxide uses a free radical- induced disruption to the lipid membrane. Previous studies have shown that coronavirus 229-E and other enveloped viruses are inactivated at hydrogen peroxide concentrations of approximately 0.5%.

Since 3% is easily attainable at any drug store; this seems the most available and likely candidate for oral disinfection. As long as I can recall, I would recommend to my patients and kids to spray 3% hydrogen peroxide directly on their throat at the first sign of sore throat.

Of course, we are hearing all about putting these various mouthwashes through double blind studies to see which one is more effective. This can literally take years of testing.

I say we start this minimally invasive, albeit, highly effective anti-viral now! Why wait for a couple of years down the road for these silly tests to tell us that its a good preventive measure? Why not be proactive with our health now? The only down side is that we might be destroying the microbe so rapidly that we wont't have opportunity to become ill and there will be no need to get tested.

Big Pharma; look out! I certainly hope they don't come after us doctors for recommending our patients use mouthwash for Covid-19!

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