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LET THERE BE LIGHT ; Ultraviolet Solar Rays Destroy Viruses

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

I am excited to have just heard President Trump's news press today on the Covid-19 pandemic. A top laboratory spokesperson conveyed what us oxidative doctors have known for a long time: Ultraviolet light destroys viruses!

The daily briefing exhibited a graph on the half-life of the Corona virus on surfaces.

Basically, the higher the temperature outside, the shorter the half-life of the virus.

Conversely, the lower the temperature (less solar exposure), the longer the half-life of the virus. This explains why the Southern states have less ill patients and fatalities; contrastingly, the higher latitude states such as NY and Wa are in stark contrast.

My excitement stems from the President's curiosity; " is it possible there is a medical treatment that utilizes light that can somehow kill this Covid virus? I shouted out "Yes, absolutely"!! Ultraviolet blood irradiation has been around for over a century with amazing success!

It is not well known due to the advent of Big Pharma's promotion of antibiotics.

Before this time, Light therapy, (UVBI) had been used widely by physicians and was extremely effective against most all viruses, E-Bola, HIV, bacterial infections, Rabies.....

UVBI's success is all because of the light bulbs that emit Ultraviolet light directly to the blood that is passed through in a sterile cuvette. The blood, once disinfected, is returned to the patient. This is performed successively or in one pass. The blood actually carries the light photons into the bloodstream where it maintains its' anti-microbial activity for several minutes. The effect can be potentiated with the addition of ozone, which adds incredibly to the oxidative effect. Oxidation implies the donation of a lethal, singlet oxygen. This Oxygen molecule is extremely destructive to anaerobic pathogens. There is no harm to the immune system from oxidation therapies.

Both of these therapies are extremely effective against most pathogens because they destroy viruses without any opportunity for causing resistance, unlike antibiotics.

Let's share this vital information with friends and family.

Longevity Health and THB clinic are both FNMB licensed and perform oxidation therapies.

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