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We have heard hundreds of reports on how different drugs and now vaccines can help slow down the symptoms of a viral outbreak. The media has told us time and time again to 'mask up' and 'social distance and not congregate.

Has anyone thought of the possibility of preventing the infection in the first place?

Why hasn't the government requested Naturopathic physicians, who are highly trained in immunology and preventive, natural therapies for any recommendations to the public?

Even China stepped up access to acupuncture, oriental herbal medicines and Vitamin C, for God sake!

Is it because the politicians have a completely different agenda than prevention? What if thousands of people took natural herbs and supplements to prevent a viral outbreak? If thousands of people were directed to prevent and stay well; what would happen? The Viral pandemic would quickly slow down its pace; thousands less sick translates into less hospital visits and deaths from ventilators. There would be significant health care savings since millions of dollars would not be spent on expensive drugs and lengthy hospital stays! If prevention was in place and us physicians allowed to give it out without being threatened ; our economy would never have had a chance to close down!

What a concept!

Our training as naturopathic physicians states to treat the whole person and to first, do no harm!

Doesn't that imply 'preventing' the illness in the first place?

It is a sad state of affairs when we are 'gagged ' and censored from sharing vital information and truth regarding immune system health! The scary thing is there is nothing protecting us from this 'government onslaught'!

I am coming out on a limb to express some highly needed truth!

As an alternative physician, I am outraged that highly trained physicians are being silenced and threatened with their licenses if they dare tell their own patients " how to prevent and treat this Corona virus!

My background as a Naturopathic physician for 25 years in family practice, Fellow in Integrative Cancer Therapies, 3 years in an HIV/ AIDS clinic, researched and clinically instituted Vitamin D therapy in my practice, wrote 'POWERFUL MEDICINE VITAMIN D; SHEDDING LIGHT ON A WORLD WIDE HEALTH CRISIS", and practiced many years preventing viral diseases.

Naturopathic physicians are trained to prevent and support the immune system during a viral outbreak. There are literally hundreds of natural, harmless anti-virals available to keep all of us from either completely avoiding the disease or experiencing an attenuated version of the Corona virus.

My general protocol for preventing any Corona virus or influenza is as follows:

- Vitamin D : 5,000 units per 50 lbs; 10,000 units per 100 lbs. Take with a meal daily.

If ill, it is generally safe to double that amount while experiencing a virus. If

you have an educated practitioner; request an injection of 50,000 if you are ill.

- Zinc picolinate or citrate : 15 -30 mg daily with a meal to prevent any virus, especially Covid-19.

- Vitamin C: 1500- 3000 mg daily by mouth; if getting ill; request a Vitamin C drip (15-25,000)

When taken as an IV; Vitamin C can be taken in higher quantities. It converts to

Hydrogen Peroxide in IV form; as you know, this is extremely virucidal!

NAC: N-Acetyl -Cysteine is one of the strongest natural agents to protect the lungs from injury.

600 mg daily on an empty stomach would be wise prevention, especially with lung disorders

such as COPD or asthma.

There are other anti-virals ; albeit, too numerous to list.

My favorite anti-viral phyto-botanicals include Andrographis, Ligusticum and Quercitin; all are highly effective in stopping viral replication and down-regulating the inflammatory cascade.

There is simply no justification in censoring our in-depth knowledge from helping thousands, even

millions of people.

We are the gatekeepers to a healthy life.

So why not allow us physicians who are highly trained in immune support to be the gate-keepers in this "pandemic"? Why wouldn't the powers that 'supervise' our healthcare not allow this obvious health care crisis to be managed first by us experts? Would they not be saving millions of dollars in health care by informing the public to see their holistic practitioner first? Since the hospitals are supposedly 'congested and over-flowing' would it not make perfect sense to create a logical algorithm that first directs people towards prevention (vitamin D, etc) . The next step would be seeing their family physician , then the next step, the hospital.

Naturopathic physicians have their hands tied! We have been 'watched closely' like never before for doing our everyday job; helping our patients stay healthy!

Even our state associations have reprimanded us and constantly downplay this ridiculous action!

Our immune systems are able to withstand most viruses if we are educated by our natural family doctors! Us Naturopathic physicians MUST stand up against these tyrants before all of our therapies are removed from our repertoire!

Dr Lucinda Mallory


Dr Lucinda Mallory is a patient advocate, an advocate for ND's, an author, athlete and a fearless doctor who is willing to stand up against the forces that are trying to westernize our natural medicine.

She is a proud tribal practitioner and is a member of the First Nation Medical Board . She practices at the Turtle Healing Band Clinic in Las Vegas, Nv.

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