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EXOSOMES: The future of medicine is here!

We have all heard of how stem cells excel at repair and rejuvenation of tissues.

The limitations with stem cells are expense and availability in the US.

Mesenchymal Stem cells secrete a very special substance named exosomes.

They perform intercellular communication; this helps the immune system to signal cell to cell. Exosomes are also RNA storehouses for tissue repair and growth factors; they are responsible for the following health effects:

- ANTI-INFLAMMATORY: MSC exosomes reduce inflammation which is the underlying mechanism for autoimmune, inflammatory and degenerative conditions.

- ANTI-OXIDANT: Exosomes help to reduce the oxidative stress ; slows down tissue degeneration and aging.

- ANTI-OPTOTIC: By supplying diseased cells with proteins and RNA, exosomes could maintain cellular health by slowing, halting or reversing cell death.

- ANTI-FIBROTIC: Exosomes help with tissue repair and remodeling of damaged skin.

Reduces fibrin clots and improves scar formation.

- IMMUNOMODULATORY: MSC exosomes could modulate the activity of immune cells to improve autoimmune disease and mitigate conditions characterized by excessive immune response.

- PRO-ANGIOGENIC: MSC exosomes could help improve the blood supply to injured or diseased tissue, thereby increasing the survival of damaged cells and prevents tissue degeneration.

-REGENERATION: MSC exosomes regenerate normal collagen in the skin and stimulates production of cartilage.


- YOUTHFUL SKIN on the face ( PRF and exosomes) applied with micropen and/ or used as a filler.

- JOINT REPAIR: Exosomes mixed with a scaffolding material such as Platelet Rich Fibrin; then injected peri-articularly (around the joint) helps with joint degeneration and regeneration.

Dr.Lucinda Mallory

Is an alumni of Bastyr University ; she received her Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine in 1994. She is a clinical researcher, author and owns Advanced IV & Ozone Therapies.

To receive a free consult by a clinician; please call or text: 602-456-7067

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