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5 Day Keto Cleanse

Why is it so important to cleanse, detoxify toxins and remove unwanted weight from your body?

Toxic metabolites like uric acid, ammonia and undigested proteins can create an over-burdened liver and kidneys and leave you feeling fatigued, bloated and poisoned.

There are several ways to help your body eliminate these metabolic wastes; fasting, modified fasts and /or a ketogenic diet.

All the above modalities are an effective means to detoxing; however, the ketogenic diet is by far easier to accomplish and helps accelerate fat burning as well.

I have created a free 5 day ketogenic diet to catapult your metabolism, immune system and detoxification pathways. Induction of ketogenesis is imperative for turning on fat burning, helping your body to eliminate unwanted toxins and activating your immune system.

For years; fasting has been used to accomplish the above; however, with no food, the fat burning mechanism is slow to activate and most people feel ill while fasting.

Fasting also prolongs your life; why? Since your oxidative pathways are turned off while there is a famine, your body is not exposed to hundreds of consumed toxins you eat on a daily basis.

The Ketogenic diet has now been proven to behave like the fasting state.

In other words, by following the keto diet, instead of an extensive fast, you will derive most of the benefits of a starvation (fasting) program. Again, fasting or ketogenesis ( the biochemical state you reach when on a ketosis diet) will help with fat burning, metabolic waste clearance, activation of your white blood cells (phagocytosis) and turns on your enzymes that may increase longevity.

Above and beyond all this, you will gain an amazing clarity of mind, focus and experience a lift in energy after day 3.

I invite you to experience this at no charge. The Keto-cleanse diet will help you to start you on an amazing journey of health and weight loss.

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