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What natural medicines are effective against the C19 new variants?

Concern is heightening around Eris and Pirola, the two newest sub-variants of C19. Dr. Robert Malone, the developer of the mRNA vaccines, states that Pfizer claims that the newly revised vaccines provide neutralizing antibodies against the variants. Dr. Malone says this data is also misinformation. He elaborates on how natural immunity will provide the best preventive antibodies. Both Moderna and Pfizer are still lying about how the vaccines provide protection against the variants. We know now that the vaxxed population are the victims of the ongoing variant attacks. Patients who were exposed by the native virus, still have memory cells in their immune system that fight off the virus and its subsequent variants. The people who have natural immunity stand the chance of having no issues with these ongoing variant infections. Dr. Malone suggests, as most all holistic practitioners, that the best way to fight off these variants and any other virus out there (Corona Virus or not) is to arm your immune system with nutrients.

The following products are recommendations to strengthen your immunity and keep it on high alert with active immune surveillance from these variants and other cold/flu viruses.

Protect Yourself now with the Following:

- Vitamin D3 10,000 units daily with Vitamin K2/MK7 180-200 mcg/day

Take after a meal that has oil.

- Zinc Picolinate or Citrate: 50 mg daily after a good sized meal.

- Quercitin: 500 mg once daily in between meals on an empty stomach.

- N-Acetyl-Cysteine (NAC): 600 mg once or twice daily on an empty stomach;

ok to take with Quercitin.

If you are at the onset of illness:

Take the above and add the following:

- Hydroxychloroquine: 200 mg twice daily for at least 5-7 days.


Ivermectin: 15-21 mg daily (adult dose) for 5-7 days.

Other effective Therapies:

- Intra auricular ozone therapy: use 30-40 gamma ozone in a continuous flow through with a stethoscope for 5 minutes once or twice daily.

- Major Auto Hemotherapy: Use 60 gamma ozone and UVBI to eradicate viruses.

- Nebulize ozone or hydrogen peroxide 3% if bronchitis starts.

- Higher dose Vitamin C drips (25-50 grams) are helpful

- Hydrogen peroxide IV drips are also very helpful in viral eradication.


Avoid sugar and dairy products in general.

Eat lightly in general.

In summary; most people who encounter the variants, suffer mild symptoms.

If you have been previously vaxxed or are immune-suppressed; you will more than likely encounter a stronger immune reaction and feel sicker.

It is very important to not engage in fear. Fear turns off your immune reactions and makes you even sicker. Give yourself a quiet and supportive place to rest and heal!

For God sake! Do not listen to the media that promote the 'fear porn' and and advocate running to get another booster! Not unless you have a death wish, that is!

Dr. Lucinda Mallory, CTH, FICT, Dipl, A4M.

Available for FREE consults (15 min) to help advise you.

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