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Yes, you read this right! Overwhelming evidence points to C-19 causing an array of neurological sequelae in its destructive wake.

How could this possibly occur? Simply stated; the spike proteins attached to the virus are capable of traversing the blood-brain barrier, aka the nervous system.

Normal Corona viruses are not able to make this lipid membrane penetration. This virus is equipped with spike proteins that can easily transport via your ACE receptors into any of your cells; especially your heart, kidneys, lungs and brain!

This is evidenced by our olfactory bulb (sense of smell) being affected. Once it comes across into our nervous tissue (brain, spinal nerves etc) it starts to wreak havoc because of our 'immune response' to these patented spike proteins! We not only lose smell and taste (commonly) but experience brain fog, headaches, poor memory, depression, and anxiety.

People who are predisposed to neural-hormonal imbalances like depression, anxiety or dementias like Alzheimer's, are at higher risk for these 'diseases' to occur after a Covid infection. This is due in part to our body's immune response to the invaders. The inflammatory response in the brain increases during the infection and depending on the amount of cytokine storm (inflammation) produced; this seems to dictate the worst outcomes.

Another area of extreme importance to consider is our 'dirty genes'. These are our inherited " missing or misplaced" chromosomes. These SNP's ,as we refer to them in the medical world, are capable of being activated by contaminants, nutritional deficiencies and toxins. The inflammatory response is able to 'activate' these genes that regulate inflammation. The inflammation is targeted toward our main vital organs: our lungs, heart, brain and nervous system.

Curiously enough, the VDR, (Vitamin D Receptor) lines the human genome completely with docking sites for activated vitamin D. If you were to saturate your blood stream with 10,000 units of this gene- protecting nutrient; you would be down- regulating inflammation.

Months after tackling a C-19 infection, many post C-19 (Long Hauler's) patients will complain of brain fog, depression, anxiety, headaches, forgetfulness ......

Then there is the huge issue of post vaccine people coming down with convulsions, tremors and epileptic episodes; this is due to the inflammatory/ autoimmune response from the brain and nervous system in response to the mRNA vaccines. . Naturally caught C-19 infections are not creating these same neurological events; nonetheless, they are responsible for many long term neurological issues like depression, anxiety and so on.


If you are at risk for neuro-hormonal imbalances or neurological diseases:

You can start by taking a nutritional prophylaxis program as soon as you know you are having symptoms.

Neuro-protective substances include:

- EPA and DHA from fish oil

-melatonin (before bed).

- B1 or Benfotiamine; main B vitamin for depression headaches and poor memory.

-Vitamin D5-10,000 units daily along with K2 ( 150-200 mcg) with food

- Methylated Folate: 5 mg daily

- All the other B vitamins (phosphorylated)

- Methyl- B12 ; best if intra- muscular injections.

- 5 HTP for depression and anxiety (low Serotonin).

- Phosphatidylserine: Before bed ; for memory, insomnia ( lowers cortisol), attention, great for elderly.

- Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD) ; imperative for rebuilding the mitochondria especially in post- Covid fatigue patients.

These will be a tremendous support for your brain and cognitive health.

Maintaining a vigilant immune system by ingesting immune

protective supplements, eating

a whole foods organic diet and avoiding stress are all important in your body's fight against viral invaders.

Researching the side effects of the mRNA vaccines and discussing the pro and cons with your healthcare practitioner is also important to consider prior to receiving the vaccine.

Dr.Lucinda Mallory CTH, FICT is an alternative medicine practitioner of 28 years.

She was trained and received her Doctorate in Naturopathic medicine at Bastyr University

in 1994. She is now tribally licensed via the FNMB/ Crow Nation.

She has helped countless patients with immune disorders and chronic illness.

She may be reached through this website or via:

This article is not meant to substitute or replace the need for a person to see their health care practitioner.



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