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IV Therapies

Advanced and Nutritional IV Therapies

Advanced IVs: We formulate and combine nutrients and phytochemicals for patients with chronic illness. 

These advanced IVs will be ordered bya trained physician on loaction, who will evaluate your condition and look at labs to create your personalized, custom IV.

Nutritional IVs: Protection and prevention of our innate immune system is of the utmost importance. Once our immune system becomes compromised  by illness, ongoing stress or poor nutrition, the pathogen in question can become opportunistic. 

Nutritional IV Menu (no physician required):

Myers Nutrition Cocktail:

- Function: supports the immune system, provides energy

- Contains: B Vitamins, Vitamin C, Selenium, Zinc, Magnesium etc. 


Hydration IV: 

- Functions: supports the body in optimizing fluid retention.

- Contains IV saline, Magnesium and Minerals. 


Migraine/Headache IV: 

- Function: Supports vascular instability and reduces inflammation.

- Contains: Magnesium, B vitamins and IV fluids.


Immunity IV:

- Function: stimulates the immune system to prevent or treat infections.

- Contains: zinc, 10-15 g of vit. C, HCL and Saline.


Detox IV:

- Function: helps removes toxins from blood and stimulates the liver's ability to detox. 

- Contains: liver nutrients, Bs, curcumin, ALA and glutathione as a boost at the end. 


Advanced IV Menu: All following IV must be order by a physician

High Dose Vitamin C (HDVC):

- Function: therapeutic dosage of Vitamin C that creates a strong oxidative effect on the immune system. 

- Contains: Vitamin C 30-100 grams.

- Required: G6PD test to ascertain oxidative stress

Hydrogen Peroxide 3%:

- Diluted in saline or D5W; this IV is for active viral or bacterial infections. 

- No tests in particular


PK Push:

- This Infusion is for helping the body to detox from meds and chemicals. Strong liver stimulant.


Long Covid IV:

- Nutrients and amino acids specific to inflammation and vascular issues and neuropathy  are utilized in combination to help ameliorate the spike proteins and graphene residues. 



This IV is specific to heavy metal detoxification

It also helps reduce plaque on arteries and increases circulation to the tissues. 

- Ozone added to IV at end helps reduce inflammation in the blood vessels. 

Alkalinization IV:

- For alkalanizing the bloodstream in many infectious disease states and cancer. 


Amino Acid IV's:  

- Mood Disorders

- Addiction


If you have any questions or concerns please visit our "contact us" tab to view our contact information and socials or simply fill out the form below. 

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