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Dedicated to your health and wellness 

Longevity Health in Lake Havasu City, AZ offers highly effective natural modalities for health and personalized IV therapies by trained physicians and nurses.

Why are we 'ADVANCED'?


Our professional IV therapy clinic provides not only services for hydration and temporary pain relief but we are also able to provide more advanced IV therapies like high dose Vitamin C drips or Ozone.

We are highly experienced alternative medicine  physicians and nurses. We have practiced personalized IV and ozone therapies for a combined 30 years. 

A physician can evaluate your condition, if necessary, to help create a PERSONALIZED therapy for you; based on your symptoms, blood work results and/or established diagnosis.

IV's available for general public (no need for blood tests or doctor visit):

- IV Hydration

- Immune Booster (to prevent illness; not for the ill)

- Hangover IV

- Migraine/Headache IV

- Low dose Ozone Therapy

- B12/B Complex Injections 

- Weight Loss Injection (doctor approval)


Advanced IV therapies (practitioner guided): 

- Ozone/Oxidative IV therapies

- High dose Vitamin C

- Chelation: Heavy metals or circulatory disorders

  with or without ozone (anti-inflammatory) 

- High dose Nutritional cocktails

- Cancer Support IVs

Our Practitioners:


Dr. Lucinda Mallory


CTH, FICT, Dipl A4M Regenerative medicine.

Lucinda attended Bastyr University in Seattle, Wa. She graduated in 1994 with her doctorate in Naturopathic medicine. 


Her practice for many years focused on women's health, anti-aging medicine and chronic illness.

She has been practicing nutritional IV therapies for over 20 years.


She attained her ozone therapy certification in 2010.

Her specialties include: IV therapies, Ozone, Prolozone, PRP therapies.

Dr. Neal Dagstani, ND

Dr. Nael Dagstani has extensive training and experience with bio-identical hormone therapy (BHT), intravenous (IV) nutrient therapy, reversal of chronic disease, pain management, detoxification and anti-aging treatments.

Nurse April Joy Kugler, RN, BS

April graduated with her Bachelor's Degree at Chamberlain College of Nursing, and has been a nurse for 14 years.  When she is not working in critical care at the hospital, she is working with the team here, sharing with us her love and compassion for her clients.   


She is skilled in IV therapy and trains other nurses on IV administration, which makes her a great asset to have here at our clinic.

We look forward to seeing you!

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