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Why are Blacks, Hispanics & Native Americans at higher risk From Side Effects of the C-19 vaccines?

I love putting puzzle pieces together; so it didn't take me long to figure the following out:

The people that are experiencing the highest ill effects from the mRNA vaccines are mostly African Asians and Latins.

If you research further, you will find that these populations also have different receptor site nuances than most caucasians/ mixed White races do.

If you look even further you will find that people with the highest co-morbidities also succumb to C-19 more rapidly. These co-morbidities include heart disease, diabetes and cancer. Do you know which cultures carry these higher risks? Black and Latins do!

How could this be?

Ten years ago I uncovered very deep scientific knowledge surrounding vitamin D3.

The research led me down some very unknown territory regarding global health. In a nutshell, I found out why people with darker skin (more melanin in their skin) experience higher rates of chronic illness when they are not in a suitable environment. Melanin, our skin pigment, acts as a natural sunblock; therefore, it prevents vitamin D absorption from the sun. The more melanin you have in your skin, the higher your need for sun exposure/vitamin D.

For example, my family is native to Latin America. Living there provides plenty of sunshine. If my Latin family moved to the Pacific Northwest (known for its lack of Sun), they would quickly become deficient in this vitamin/ hormone. Vitamin D is the master hormone that supervises the entire human genome. Since vitamin D exerts its benefits on hundreds of biological systems in the body; noticeable deficiencies can surface including fatigue, depression, hypertension, diabetes and cancer!

Vitamin D controls our blood pressure, blood glucose, prevents cancer, prevents viruses and down-regulates inflammation. Its' ability to control so many organs and tissues is a most extraordinary effect! It just so happens to be the most powerful Secosteroid hormone our body produces.

This being said; people who have darker skin, mainly African Americans and Latins, will always have a higher requirement of this vital nutrient in order to saturate their VDR's (Vitamin D Receptors). Keep in mind, the VDR's line the entire human genome between each chromosome; that is how vitally important it is!

In order to prevent health issues in high melanin people; vitamin D levels must always be optimal (over 70).

Vitamin D deficiency is alone the biggest reason for African Americans and other dark-skinned cultures being more susceptible to Covid-19.

This Segways into the next huge issue for people of color as well as Native Americans, Hispanics and many Native Americans.

ACE-2, aka Angiotensin-Converting enzyme-2 is extremely important in our bodies for maintaining homeostasis of our most vital of organs; lungs, heart and kidneys.

This enzyme is part of our RAS (renin-angiotensin system) and is extremely protective against organ failure; especially protective against hypertension, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. SARS-COv-19 utilizes the ACE 2 receptor to invade the lungs (alveoli) leading to ARDS (Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome) which causes high mortality in Covid patients.

Recall that ACE-2 is protective; the research shows that patients who have the lowest levels of this lifesaving enzyme are people with hypertension, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Blacks have the highest rate of hypertension, diabetes and CV disease; this is mostly secondary to their low vitamin D levels. If you are black, have hypertension and take ACE-2 Inhibitor dugs for your blood pressure ; the risk is extremely high for succumbing to a severe reaction if you incur C-19 or the Vaxx.

One way to deal with this dangerous conundrum is to remove the ACE-2 inhibitor meds and replace them with blood pressure meds that don't create a ACE-2 deficit.

Another hugely protective action is for all people of color, Hispanics and others to all take therapeutic- prophylactic Vitamin D to maintain their ACE-2 levels as well as protect all of their organs from damage from C-19 injections or infection.

To summarize, darker pigmented people have low levels of both AC-2 and Vitamin D which leaves them highly susceptible to lung and heart injury from the C-19 virus /injection that use this pathway! They also have the highest risk of dying from C-19 and mRNA injections.

Another factor these cultures incur is G6PD.

G6PD is an enzyme that exists in most Caucasian people. It is commonly deficient in Blacks, Latins, Mediterraneans and Asians.

It is a measurement that could be used to see if your body can handle the C-19 vaccines.

This enzyme helps protect us from oxidative / inflammatory reactions in our bodies. It helps to protect us from hemolysis; red blood cell destruction.

The above cultures commonly lack this enzyme and as such, if they incur an attack on their immune system via an inflammatory toxin , they can possibly be overcome with so much cytokine storm (inflammation) they could die.

This G6PD enzyme protects us against oxidative stress; measuring it with your healthcare practitioner would be wise. If your levels are low; avoid stressors like any vaccines or physical toxins.

It is an eye-opener to see this research! I am an avid researcher, scientist and clinician of 30 years.

I am highly concerned about the cultures with higher rates of hypertension and diabetes, low vitamin D levels, higher oxidative stress and/ or over-burdened ACE receptors.

If I could be a beacon of hope for them; I would recommend taking higher doses of D3 daily, replace any ACE inhibitors they might be on, take anti-oxidants, eat an anti-inflammatory diet and keeping their weight down. All of these will help maintain your ACE-2 levels and protect you from hypertension, Diabetes and CV disease, Consider taking a G6PD test prior to any injection that can be dangerous.

The so called C-19 "vaccine" does not confer immunity ; rather it appears that it is a perfect way to eradicate many minorities as well as destroy their organs, and keep the people who survive its' onslaughts on expensive medications to prolong their life.

Dr Lucinda Mallory CTH, FICT

is a Longevity / chronic illness practitioner with the First Nation Medical Board/ Crow Nation

She is affiliated with the Turtle Healing Band of Las Vegas.

She received her post-Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine at Bastyr University.

The above information is not intended to treat or replace your health care practitioner.

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