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The O3 Zone : How Medical Ozone Can Heal Us.

Most of us are vaguely familiar with how ozone is part of the atmosphere.

Well, it is also happens to be one of the most potent oxidizers on the planet.

An oxidant is a molecule like oxygen or hydrogen that accepts other electrons and in so doing causes an amazingly strong chemical reaction. This reaction called an oxidative 'burst' has the ability to annihilate most any microbial pathogen in water, on surfaces or in our blood stream.

Let me take you back a few years to explain its medical background.

Historically, ozone was made in a German lab in 1840. Since that time; it has been used as a disinfectant until the use of chlorine became popular. Since that time; physicians began using it mostly in Europe because of its ability to deactivate disinfectant resistant bacteria like Cryptosporidium. Because of its high capacity to oxidize and its obvious superiority to antibiotics (which cause resistance) ; ozone has become popular in mostly alternative medicine circles.

When the HIV pandemic hit in the 80's; ozone use was in high demand in the states. The anti-viral cocktails were not effective ; leaving in its wake thousands dying from AIDS.

Again, since ozone does not cause resistance to bacteria, fungi or cancer cells; its' use skyrocketed and saved thousands from needless death.

Fast forward the last ten years; we are at a turning point with Antimicrobial Resistance: this occurs when microbes evolve mechanisms that protect them from the effects of antimicrobials. In other words; we are quickly running out of antibiotics available to destroy bacteria with. This has been a sobering state of affair; the notion that we are without any defenses because of severe antibiotic resistance. Recall that ozone is directly antimicrobial; there is never an issue with resistance.

Ozone is making a huge comeback as of late!

Alternative practitioners are using ozone in their medical practices for chronic viral infections, Lyme disease, cancer, fungal and bacterial infections.

There are different ozone therapies for different maladies.

Major Auto-hemotherapy is performed with removal of blood then transferred back to the patient after blood ozonation. The blood has been disinfected and then delivered via IV.

This treatment is for any viral illness or other acute issue. The ozone lasts several hours in the blood as 'ozonides' which continue to destroy microbes in the blood.

High dose / 10 pass/ EB02

These are all ozone therapies performed on the patient's blood when they need more ozone than with MAH.

They are given to at a clinic where the physician is trained to give ozone in higher quantities. These ozone delivery systems take longer, give out higher gamma of ozone and are generally much more expensive.

Rectal Insufflation: This is when ozone is delivered to the rectum (first 3 inches) with a rectal catheter. The ozone gas is absorbed by the hepatic portal venous system. The liver receives and converts the gas to ozonides; this acts to destroy pathogens in the blood as well as quell inflammation in the liver.

Ear/ sinus delivery of ozone is performed with a stethoscope.

The ozone gas is directed to the sinus/ eustachian cavity where it penetrates the tympanic membrane. The ozone directed to this area heals infection or inflammation in the sinus cavity.

Ozonated oils are very powerful aids in fighting skin, vaginal, rectal, and oral infections.

Depending on the type of oil used; the oil acts as a delivery system for the powerful ozonides.

They have the ability to quell inflammation and fight many topical infections unlike other agents.

Ozone is powerful medicine!

There are thousands of accounts where ozone has been used as a solitary therapy for hundreds of different diseases. The illnesses it targets are mostly the systemic and / or infectious disease processes.

Given its ability to halt infections, oxygenate the tissues and stop inflammation in its tracks; gives us an opportunity to apply it to the most difficult of health issues.

And since we are now staring at an almost empty list of antimicrobials that work effectively against our enemy 'invaders' ; let us open our medical toolkit and dispensary to include ozone therapies.

Dr Lucinda Mallory

is an Ozone Master physician

She is licensed under the First Nation Medical Board/ Crow Nation

She is a medical ozone expert.

Please email her at with any questions or for a free consult.

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