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The Never-ending Aftermath: Long term Covid and mRNA injuries: what now?

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

The aftermath of C-19 illness has left severe devastation in its wake. The engineered virus along with the mRNA injection (vaxx) have both created long term physically disabling sequelae.; doctors and patients are in complete confusion as to how to handle the residual fallout. The common symptoms of Long-term Covid are debilitating fatigue, brain fog, poor lung function, liver damage and more.

The vaxx injuries from the EUA (Emergency Use Authorization) injections are far worse than the reactions to the native virus.

Sudden cardiac death heads the list of top negative events. Then autoimmune reactions, cancer cell activation, mold and fungal disease, immune suppression similar to HIV,neuropathy, infertility and severe neurological disease such as Guillain Barre.

There are many people who have committed suicide because of the chronic health issues and ensuing depression that follows. The ongoing search for a doctor that will listen, understand and take action is arduous and impossible. To make matters even worse; the practitioners have been taught to not report negative events as it could cause problems for their practice. Even more infuriating is the fact that if a practitioner believed in utilizing mild antivirals such as Ivermectin or Hydroychloroquine, they could possibly lose their license.

As a clinical researcher and physician, I have witnessed at least 100 patients in my personal practice who have sustained most all of the above injuries.

Before the aftermath began , say 1.5 years ago; I just heard about a few people who were complaining of how their C19 infection never really left their body. Their main complaint was one of fatigue, muscle pain, extreme brain fog and neuropathy. Pfizer and Moderna, back then, were quick to dismiss any possibility of the virus or mRNA becoming integrated into our tissues. Fast forward 1.5 years later; we now have scientific proof that the mRNA injections do become integrated into our genome. Whereas, a native C19 infection is more likely to result in severe mitochondrial damage.

Alternative doctors, like myself, began to utilize anti-virals and immune-enhancing therapies under the radar. Many of these therapies including high dose ozone therapy, have helped our patients improve dramatically.

Our protocols included NAC, Quercitin, Ivermectin, HCQ ,glutathione, adrenal support, anti-fungals and several other supplements to capture the residual virus and help pull patients out of mitochondrial despair.

Then came the second wave of unbelievable reactions directly associated with the EUA injections. If you were lucky enough to not react from the first two injections; the third or fourth may have caught your attention. The concentration of spike proteins increase algorithmically with each booster. These toxic proteins are responsible for the clotting, inflammation that can lead to an autoimmune reaction, GBS and/ or cardiomyopathy.

When I was a fourth year medical student at Bastyr University; I chose to take 2 shifts weekly in Immune clinic where I would be treating very ill HIV patients. . I became very intrigued how they became immune suppressed with the virus; back then we called it AIDS. The C19 vaxx appears to work in the same manner; by debilitating our immunity (T and B antibodies) so they can no longer mount a healthy immune response. Suddenly you have black mold or a liver or lung that is under siege from your own antibodies and cytokines.

The issue here is the Antibody Enhancement it creates in your immune system.

The more spike proteins you receive; the more immune suppression occurs.

It has been triggering autoimmune genes, cancer genes and many other inflammatory diseases that lie dormant in people.

Knowing this, I set out with other like-minded physicians to come up with protocols to neutralize the toxic spike proteins and other poisonous ingredients contained in the jabs.


C19 and the mRNA injections can cause blood clotting, inflammation and hemolysis to occur. The following labs can be used to evaluate these issues:

- D- Dimer: checks for active clot formation as well as dissolution of clots.

- FIbrinogen:

- hsCRP

- other clotting factors as your physician sees fit

- G6PD; checks your oxidative stress.

- CBC/ Diff/ platelets


- Find an alternative practitioner who is well versed in oxidative therapies.

- Make sure they understand how to use natural therapies for detoxification and mitochondrial damage/ repair.

- Find a clinic that will support you in your 'anti-vcxx' sentiment. Most docs have their hands tied.

- Find a practitioner that is highly trained in high dose ozone therapy.

- ozonated saline or MAH might not be strong enough to eradicate the inflammation and toxic spike proteins (Spikopathy) you are dealing with.

LONGEVITY HEALTH : Excels at 03/ Ozone therapy for 18 years .

We are highly trained oxidation physicians that understand how to

manage chronic and acute illness with ozone and other oxidative

IV's and therapies.

PLEASE GIVE US A CALL or email us:


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