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My duty as a physician trained in alternative medicines , is to alert you to some of the dire consequences that can occur subsequent to injecting the mRNA vaccines.

It is your right to choose a medication whether healthy or experimental. Every person deserves an explanation of a medication that they are willing or being pressured into receiving. After all, these are our bodies, we consent to everything in life including our food, choices of exercise, our religion, our clothes. Why should our medicines be any different? Especially if there is no real benefit to our health.

In medical school, we were taught that prior to performing an elective procedure such as an IV, injection or medication, that we were to ALWAYS give informed consent.

Informed Consent requires us as practitioners to explain in detail exactly what you are as a consumer/ patient, going to receive . It also informs our patients of ALL POTENTIAL SIDE EFFECTS.

IS it possible that we are not being given this INFORMED CONSENT because it is NOT AN OPTION??

Since this is NOT HAPPENING at all prior to the mRNA injections; I feel obligated to inform my patients and the public of what these medical consequences are specifically.

Unfortunately, we are learning from our mistakes; since no one in the medical world has warned us of the complications because of absent Informed consents; we sadly have to be accountable for these devastating side effects on our own. The Emergency order placed to get these experimental vaccines through the red tape, evades any safety issues as well as protects these companies from any outside litigation. Yes, they have full indemnity and are not liable for any of these vaccine related side effects or deaths.

On that note; my best recourse as a physician who stands up for her patients' right to choose, is to educate you prior to making a choice.

There are ingredient lists from the mRNA vaccines to consider from all of the pharmaceutical inserts, along with several mechanisms that you should be educated about in order to make your own choice. Once you have all of this information (your own informed consent) then its up to you to consent or not to receiving these experimental substances.

In summary, the mRNA vaccines are injected into your body with engineered 'spike proteins and a chemical to embed into your cell membrane wall and cross into the cytoplasm. Here the proteins (S1, S2 along with Graphene oxide) are released. The hope is that the spike proteins multiply so the immune system will recognize it at a later point. Unfortunately, this is the where the repercussions all begin.

Here is a list of side effects from the mRNA vaccines.

- The biggest fear is Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE) . It is directly related to receiving a vaccination that is incapable of total destruction of the virus. These mRNA vaccines 'DO NOT' have this ability; therefore you are left with neutralizing antibodies that can easily help our macrophages generate increased infection as well as create severe inflammatory conditions. This would be far worse than ever receiving the injection in the first place.

- Along that same mechanism of action; the variants are produced in the vaccinated. Why?

Since there is incomplete destruction of the virus; it will mutate to outsmart its attacker.

The same issue happens with antibiotics and bacteria (Antimicrobial resistance) as well as with chemo drugs and different cancers; in this case the cancer has mutated into another form. These medicines are incomplete eradicators and the microbes (viruses, bacteria and cancers) always outwit them because of their advanced survival mechanisms. We will simply never win the war when we are trying to attack or destroy these microbes.

- Micro clotting is an almost guaranteed side effect; this can lead to occluded blood vessels or heart disease etc.. This can be verified by your health care provider by having them perform a D-Dimer test.

- The Spike proteins are not a natural part of a virus; they are engineered proteins that cause severe inflammatory reactions, in whatever tissue they are located. Therefore, if you are already immune- compromised, have an autoimmune condition , heart disease or any other inflammatory condition; you are taking a chance by exacerbating the inflammation already present.

- Severe heart inflammatory issues ; many have experienced sudden cardiac arrest.

- Autoimmune or Nervous System activation: If you already have an autoimmune disease or have one lying dormant which you are unaware of; the injection can likely trigger this AI disease to become activated. An example of this is Guillain-Barre syndrome; this causes your immune system to attack your own nerves causing severe paralysis, uncontrollable nervous system tremors, spasm, the list goes on forever. If you have any nervous system or Autoimmune disorder in your family; please consider this first.

- The mRNA vaccines can make any disease or inflammatory process in your body worse.

- Graphene Oxide, a known cell membrane transporter; is used to help embed the spike proteins deep inside the cell. It is used in the tech and medical arena as a carrier of medications and substances. The scientific literature shows that it can be extremely toxic to most tissues when PEGylated. This can cause severe tissue damage and actually destroy the actin filaments and the cell's cytoskeleton.

It has been shown to cause cell death (Cytotoxicity) in Macrophages which are your main army against viruses and cancer cells!

- SM-102: This seemingly benign additive slipped in on the ingredient list is my gravest concern! It's actual name is : Beta 2 Hydroxyethyl-6 oxo-Undecyloxy-hexyl amino-octanoic acid, 1-octylonyl ester.

Why is this strange chemical added into the mRNA vaccines?

Well, all I can tell you is what I found to my surprise!

The OSHA data sheet says the following:

- H351: Suspected for causing Cancer

- H361: Suspected of damaging fertility or the Un Born child.

- H372: Causes damage to the Central Nervous system, The kidneys, the liver and the respiratory system.

I believe I presented to you the most up-to-date information in order for you to now make a choice.

If you are tempted to ask me if there are any good reasons to vaccinate with these mRNA vaccines; I would have to say no.

If they ever take much needed research time to figure out how to remove the spike proteins from the virus; the immune enhancement would be lessened (less inflammation and possibly less side effects).

In my next blogs; I will concentrate on how to deal with the side effects.

Please feel free to send me a message or email me at

Dr.Lucinda Mallory CTH, FICT

Trained at Bastyr University and received her post doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine in 1994.

She has been directly involved with HIV / Immune clinics

She was medical director to Pacific Health Restoration in Seattle and had success treating chronically ill for 25 years.


She has now escaped the politics of medicine and is a tribal practitioner from the FNMB and the Turtle Healing Band clinic.

Medical Disclaimer: The above is not intended to substitute or replace seeing a medical professional for your health issues.


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