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Long-Hauler's Syndrome; How To Heal Post- Covid Infections Quickly.

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

Just when you were ready to move on from your C-19 infection and return to normalcy; only to find out that you weren't able to!

This is becoming such a relatively 'common' occurrence; the term Long- Hauler's was assigned to this set of post- C-19 symptoms.

Let's look at all the reasons why C-19 is to blame for lingering health issues!

First off; this is certainly not a ' normal' virus!

There are highly toxic 'spike proteins' attached to the virus itself that were engineered to get into our healthy cells very effectively without much surveillance.

These 'highly inflammatory' proteins disrupt our healthy mucous membranes in our lungs, increase inflammatory reactions in any tissue , especially if the patient is already experiencing another co-morbid disease; ie, diabetes, heart disease, COPD, cancer or autoimmunity.

The largest contributor to this long- term post C-19 disease is most certainly, underlying inflammation!

In order to move out of this long-hauler syndrome; the patient should consider addressing their underlying health issues.

Whether they be diabetes, heart or joint disease; inflammation has caused all of these issues and must be addressed.

Alternative medicine physicians such as Naturopathic physicians are well- equipped to pull you out of inflammatory dis-eases. Their expertise lies in removing chronic underlying inflammation in order to re-establish a healthy immune system.

By correcting your diet and nutritional protocol with photo-botanicals and natural anti-inflammatories, your health will improve quickly.

Oxidation therapies are another therapeutic arena for arresting the cycle of inflammation and viruses.

Medical ozone is by far the strongest medicine for stopping a virus or systemic intruder in its tracks.

By separating into both oxygen and a singlet reactive oxygen molecule; you derive the benefit of anti- inflammation, viral destruction and ozonides to provide ongoing healing.

Major Auto Hemotherapy or high dose ozone are both utilized to short-circuit most any systemic infection.

The shorter the viral exposure in your blood stream; the lesser amount of inflammation occurs and the quicker your recovery time will be.

Aside from the obvious inflammatory residual trail that C-19 leaves behind; another issue is adrenal gland recovery.

Whether you sustained a chronic C-19 infection at home or in the hospital; your adrenal glands ( responsible for blood pressure, stress hormones and energy production ) suffer. They are simply not 'waking up' after the C-19 war! Rebuilding your adrenal glands with powerful plant medicines and nutritional IV's can very well short circuit your stay in exhaustion .

Look at it this way; you were already a ticking time-bomb of inflammation pre- Covid. C-19 simply threw your system into overwhelming inflammation leaving in its' wake, a tsunami of cytokines (cytokine storm) depleting your immune system and adrenals.

For a free consult on how to rebuild your health after a C-19 infection; please email :

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