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Long Covid: How Spike Proteins and Microclots are to blame.

We are just now acquiring scientific evidence that the C19 virus leaves a devastating wake of

death and destruction inside the human body.

The symptoms of chronic or Long Covid can be any of these: lung fibrosis, autoimmune liver disease, brain fog, severe leg paresthesias, debilitating fatigue and several others.

Top C-19 research scientists have recently found micro- blood clots (micro clots) on electron microscopy present in blood samples of Long Covid patients.

The speculation is this: inflammation is created inside the blood vessels from the spike proteins. Once the vasculitis occurs, the injured blood vessel lumen produces abnormal inflammatory proteins which cause the formation of these tiny, menacing clots (micro clots). These minuscule - sized clots are very difficult for the body to break down (fibrinolyze).

They can easily stop circulation to the extremities and to organ systems. This is possibly why it feels like no oxygen is getting into the tissues; leaving a patient to feel extreme fatigue.

At the heart of the problem lies inflammation.

Since the inflammation is caused from the spike protein / viral reservoir; eradicating the virus / spike proteins becomes paramount.

Down-regulating inflammation is the second issue to address. Once the vasculitis is dealt with therapeutically, the micro-clots reduce in production.

From a Naturopathic standpoint; adressing the viral reservoir with anti-virals that are friendly to the immune system are essential.

Finding out if the patient has the spike protein antigen present in the blood would be a good first step! Then going the next step and finding a practitioner who will support the patient with antivirals such as Ivermectin and / or Hydroxychloroquine.

Ozone therapy which is quickly becoming noticed because of its ability to eradicate most viruses and carries a strong anti-inflammatory effect, is helping many patients. This therapy will help with inflammation, viral annihilation and help break up micro clots. Last but not least, the routine C19 immune support protocol should be in place as well. It will support a C19 patient's immunity no matter where they are in this process.

In summary, we have extensive proof of the native infection as well as the mRNA vaxx, both causing severe vasculitis with resulting aberrant clotting. This is our bodies response to a severe assault from spike proteins ( whether produced from the C-19 virus or the vaxx) which are harming millions of healthy people.

Dr. Lucinda Mallory is happy to give free 15 min consults for those patients having questions regarding this blog.

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