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Nutritional Therapy

Functional medicine is a type of alternative medicine which tests the patient on a more functional level. For instance, we prefer to test your blood sugars by measuring much more than just your glucose or Hbalc.


We utilize other parameters such as insulin and hormone / adrenal tests to find out why your sugar metabolism is out of whack. Once evaluated; we address your health issue with diet, nutrients and lifestyle adjustments. 

Another example is subclinical hypothyroidism. In Western medicine ; you either have hypo, hyper or normal thyroid levels. Very cut and dry; no room for a continuum of thyroid dysfunction. 


Functional medicine practitioners look at other parameters in order to see the full picture. Since patients are complex; some are stressed, some are nutrient depleted, and carry a list of other symptoms; it is no longer ideal to just look at someones TSH, label them hypothyroid and give them  synthetic, bio-unavailable hormones for replacement. 

The truth is most patients have been carrying toxic loads of mercury, lead, copper and other contaminants which block the thyroid from working well. This is what we address , here at LH, the underlying issues which create the  symptoms in the first place. 

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