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Concierge Health Naturally: Medicine for patients that want natural choices!

Our experienced alternative medicine practitioners can help you dig deeper into the source of your health issues. They are highly trained in natural medicine modalities to confront hormonal health, chronic illnesses, diet and nutrition, and can run any necessary labwork. Call today to see how we can help you on your health journey. 

Need a Natural Practitioner Now?

Natural medical practitioners have an extensive base of health knowledge with years of experience in the field. They are trained to consult on herbal medicine, hormonal modalities, diet/nutrition, IVs, labwork, etc. Our practitioners are familiar with most drug & nutritional side effects and interactions, and in treating acute and chronic illness. We understand how to confront skin, gut hormonal and immune issues and how to treat them naturally and what to use to replace/ substitute for another drug (if appropriate). Our practitioners can order any necessary blood work or other labs, and provide an extensive evaluation and plan of action. 

Health Issues/Topics a Natural Practitioner can consult on:

- Fatigue

- Sleep Issues

- Anxiety

- Natural Ways to Stay Well

- Natural Antivirals

- Hair Loss

- Digestive Issues

- Constipation/Diarrhea

- Urinary Tract Infections

- Difficult Cycles

- Skin Problems

- Depression

- Dizziness/Headaches

- Supplement Questions

- Medication Side Effects

- When do I take this med or this supplement?

- Hormone Balancing/Menopause

Medical Team

Concierge Health Naturally

Most Concierge practitioners are available remotely and provide a wide range of hours.

Others are local and can only be seen at their office and with an appointment; which really defeats the purpose of convenience!


Common requests are for medications for illnesses, guidance for wounds, infections, pain and other abrupt medical issues.


The newer breed of concierge practitioners offer alternative medical advice as well. They can help direct you with medical advice on how to fight infections, arrange blood work, discuss your headaches and set you up with natural remedies. In short, they have the ability, to look outside the box for 'drugless' answers.


If local; they may provide certain therapies as well that 'fit' your dis-ease at the time.

Alternative providers may be able to talk nutrition and give supplement/ herbal advice if trained.


Most Concierge practitioners can offer services such as :

IV's, B12 shots, natural prescriptions, detoxification procedures, functional lab testing and evaluations.


There is no insurance coverage for concierge medicine; one big reason why many practitioners are jumping on board!


Make sure they are well-rounded and have education and experience that goes beyond just calling in prescriptions.


The alternative concierge practice will usually offer: natural health choices to pain and infections, weight loss programs, Bioidenticals hormones, fitness programs and natural esthetics.

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