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Anti Aging Therapies

Aging is a disease process. It is responsible for causing the breakdown of our brain, spine, joints, muscles, endocrine glands, skin, cardiovascular system, respiratory and digestive tract. 

The catalyst behind the degradation is our hypothalamic/ pituitary  clock which signals the cessation of hormones. Hormones help us stay healthy, young, vital, keep our joints mobile, bones dense, muscles strong,  skin elastic and supple, mucous membranes moist and intact, digest our food, help us sleep deeply, feel creative, experience passion and desire, keep our memories sharp and keep us feeling young!

Once our brain signals this aging process; we are all walking toward a slow death. 

With the advent of anti-aging medicine; there is no more need to surrender to this downhill process. 

Instead, our longevity practitioners will help delay and reverse aging by :

- utilizing functional tests that measure aging biomarkers and hormone levels.

- Once evaluated, we create a personalized approach to regain your youth!

- Bio-identical hormone replacement  therapy customized for each person.

  - Peptide therapy is essential for multiple system rejuvenation 

- Brain function is assessed and addressed utilizing nootropic botanicals and other nutrients.

- Diet and exercise therapies are also personalized and taught to the patient for optimal weight and musculoskeletal perfection. 

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